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Pizza Hut

  • Eshwar Nagar
  • FF12, 1st Floor, Canara Mall, Manipal Main Road
    Eshwar Nagar
    Udupi - 576104
    • Opens at 11:00 AM
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  • Pizza Hut


    Udupi - 576104

    Opens at 11:00 AM
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  • Pizza Hut


    Udupi - 576102

    Opens at 11:00 AM
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About Pizza Hut

It was the summer of 1958 when Dan and Frank Carney decided to open a pizzeria. With mouth-watering pizzas prepared by the founders themselves, Pizza Hut soon became the most popular neighbourhood restaurant. From then to over 13,200 restaurants across the world today, we have come a long way.

Today, Pizza Hut is about much more than pizzas. From freshly sauteed pastas & delicious appetizers to mocktails, desserts, soups and salads, we have a wide range for you to feast on. All this, combined with the warm, inviting ambience and friendly service, will lead to endless conversations, laughter and memories that you'll cherish forever. So, let your hair down and feel at ease. Go ahead and enjoy the All New Pizza Hut experience!
The address of this restaurant is FF12, 1st Floor, Canara Mall, Manipal Main Road, Eshwar Nagar, Udupi, Karnataka.


  • 4.1
  • Daniel K
    Posted on: 02-02-2024
    • 4

    Forget Vesuvius, my friends, for I, a true pizza purist from the sun-drenched shores Athens (the birthplace of Pizza) embarked on a quest for cheesy nirvana in the heart of Manipal! My chariot? A Bajajajajaj autorickshaw, my destination: the legendary Pizza Hut of Cannara Mall. Now, approaching this pizza palace, skepticism clung to me like kefalotiri on a poorly stretched dough. Could this Manipal marvel truly satisfy the discerning palate of a highly experienced pizza connoisseur? Fear not, for what unfolded was a flavor fiesta that would make Homer himself rewrite the Odyssey with extra cheese. First came the Cheesy Garlic Bread, a name so uninspired it almost felt poetic. But oh, friends, what it lacked in imagination it made up for in sheer cheesy goodness. Imagine a buttery cloud, cradling a mountain of melted mozzarella, infused with the subtle symphony of garlic. Each bite was a tango on my taste buds, a cheesy mambo that had me questioning my loyalty to pineapple. But the main course awaited, like a siren song sung in pepperoni: the pizzas! The Veg Exotic arrived, a vibrant tapestry of vegetables that would make Mother Nature jealous. Now, I confess, the presence of corn kernels had me clutching my metaphorical pearls. Corn? On a pizza? The audacity. But as I dove into the first slice, a chorus of angels erupted in my ears. The sweetness of the corn, surprisingly, did not clash with the earthy symphony of the other veggies. It was like a culinary tightrope walk, executed with the grace of a Michelin-starred pizzaiolo. Next came the Murg Malai Chicken, a name that promised creamy, tandoori-kissed magic. And magic it delivered. The chicken, succulent and tender, nestled amidst a cloud of creamy, spiced perfection. Each bite was like a trip to a secret spice market in Agrabah, a flavor explosion that had my taste buds doing the Zorba. Now, some may scoff at my methods, but I devoured these pizzas the way Zeus intended: with a knife and fork. No greasy fingers for this aesthete, thank you very much. And let me tell you, the precision of each forkful only amplified the symphony of flavors. It was like conducting an orchestra of deliciousness, each morsel a perfectly orchestrated note. So, dear reader, if you find yourself in Manipal, yearning for a pizza pilgrimage of your own, Pizza Hut of Canara Mall awaits, ready to tantalize your taste buds and rewrite your pizza preconceptions.

  • Kanchan Kumari
    Posted on: 02-01-2024
    • 4

    Nice place

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