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Pizza Hut

  • Adajan
  • EON Square, L P Savani Road
    Surat - 395009
    • Opens at 11:00 AM
  • 10718031001473
  • Delivery

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Posted On: 24 Jul 2019 5:40 PM
The famous ZingyFest found it completely wicked and so will you The WickedBlack with the amazing spicy drizzle is indeed...

The famous @ZingyFest found it completely wicked and so will you! The #WickedBlack with the amazing spicy drizzle is indeed a treat for your tastebuds. Rush to your nearest Pizza Hut in Gurugram! • • • #Repost @zingyzest with @kimcy929_repost • • • • • • When the colour of your soul matches the colour of your Pizza base. Black. 🍕🔥 @pizzahut_india Black base pizza it quite a wicked idea honestly, however the taste remains great. Can you guess the ingredient on why it’s black? #WickedBlack No, it’s not any colour. 😈 . These black pizzas are only available in the #PizzaHut Gurgaon outlets, #DareToTry and share your experience with me. 🍕 #ZingyZest #Pizza #WickedBlack #Repost #PizzaHut #DareToTry #ZingyZest #Pizza

Posted On: 16 Jul 2019 6:06 PM

The very lovely @Thatbohogirl devoured the #WickedBlack Pizza & tried guessing the secret ingredient in our black crust! Now it’s your turn to make the right guess & win exclusive #WickedBlack merchandise. #DareToTry Available in Pizza Hut Gurugram restaurants only.http://tiny.cc/eqdu8y• • • #Repost @thatbohogirl • • • • • • Fam! I attended the launch of the new @pizzahut_india wicked pizza🍕 It’s so yum 🤤 Sugar wants a piece too. Also, new pizza is available across all Pizza Hut outlets in Gurgaon. Try it for yourself and let me know if you can figure out why is the base black? 🤔 #WickedBlack #DaretoTry #WickedBlack #DareToTry #Repost #DaretoTry

Posted On: 08 Jul 2019 4:06 PM
 Shivesh17 and his followers have been coming up with the most wicked guesses

@Shivesh17 and his followers have been coming up with the most #wicked guesses. What do you think makes the black pizza black? If you make the right guess before we reveal it, you can win exclusive #WickedBlack merch. All the best! #DareToTry *Only available in Gurugram ~ http://tiny.cc/eqdu8y• • • #Repost @shivesh17 • • • • • • Howwww is the new @pizzahut_india black pizza black? I’ve run out of guesses and haven’t been able to get it right. What do you think? The all new black pizza is now available across Pizza Hut outlets in Gurgaon. I attended the very fun launch yesterday and loved the pizza so much that I got some back to the studio for my team🍕❤️. A team that eats pizza together, works hard together! #WickedBlack #DareToTry #pizza #yum #wicked #WickedBlack #DareToTry #Repost #pizza #yum

Posted On: 07 Jul 2019 5:34 PM
 ContestAlert Theres only one question on everyones mind Whats the secret ingredient that makes Pizza Huts WickedBlack piz...

#ContestAlert There’s only one question on everyone’s mind! What’s the secret ingredient that makes Pizza Hut’s #WickedBlack pizza black? Well, it’s…..for you to guess. 😃 If you make the right guess, you can win some super exclusive #WickedBlack merch!!! If you live in Gurugram, this is your lucky day. You can order the black pizza & ask our server what the secret ingredient is! This is a #ContestAlert. But it’s not for the feeble-hearted. #DareToTry? Terms & Conditions - <https://bit.ly/2ZYV9mj> #ContestAlert #WickedBlack #DareToTry

Posted On: 05 Jul 2019 4:13 PM
Two beauties, one frame feat. Nitibha Kaul WickedBlack Pizza

Two beauties, one frame feat. Nitibha Kaul & #WickedBlack Pizza. Only available in Gurugram! Click a selfie with our stunning-looking Black pizza, upload it on your page & tag us to win free vouchers. Read more here - • • • #Repost Nitibha Kaul (@get_repost) ・・・ Ever had a black pizza? Well I hadn’t- and I had no idea what to expect when I tried @pizzahut_india’s wickedest launch ever! Their new range of Black Base Pizza’s are yum and i’m hooked 🤤🍕 Exclusively available in all Pizza Hut outlets in Gurugram- so go give them a shot. Its an experience! Any guesses how the base is black?! 🖤 Outfit @clachiq Styled by @sujatasetiya Assisted by @soniajaiswall Earrings @sameermadan_official #WickedBlack #DareToTry #PizzaHutIndia #NitibhaKaul #WickedBlack #Repost #DareToTry #PizzaHutIndia #NitibhaKaul

Posted On: 04 Jul 2019 12:30 PM

#ContestAlert #WickedBlack Hey, people of Gurugram! Visit our restaurant, #DareToTry the #WickedBlack, ask your server the secret ingredient, come back to the comments section, tell us the secret ingredient with your order ID. Win exclusive #WickedBlack merch by Pizza Hut! Let’s see if you can solve this mystery. 😈🍕🖤 #ContestAlert #WickedBlack #DareToTry

Posted On: 02 Jul 2019 7:20 PM
Blessing your feed with our WickedBlack pizza If you are in Gurugram, do DareToTry this black beauty Available for a lim...

Blessing your feed with our #WickedBlack pizza! If you are in Gurugram, do #DareToTry this black beauty! Available for a limited period only. Click a picture and tag us for some amazing vouchers & a shout-out on our page 😈🖤 • • • #Repost @thegreatindianfoodie (@get_repost) ・・・ @pizzahut_india has come up with their Lipsmacking range of 'BLACK' Pizza and no We are not even kidding at all. At @pizzahut_india they have made this black pizza and NO it does not contain charcoal neither its made from charcoal. I thought that i had guessed the ingredients right but then it turner out to be wrong. But can you guess it what it could be made up off ? Also these pizza would be available only at the Gurgaon outlets and are for a limited period of time. So go ahead and grab your pizza slice now!! #wickedblack #Daretotry Tag someone who would love this. Follow @thegreatindianfoodie Go subscribe to our youtube channel right now. Youtube: The Great Indian Foodie #Thegreatindianfoodie #WickedBlack #DareToTry #Repost #wickedblack #Daretotry #Thegreatindianfoodie

Posted On: 01 Jul 2019 7:08 PM
Tag a friend who should DareToTry The WickedBlack Pizza Repost khaata rahe mera dil get re...

Tag a friend who should #DareToTry The #WickedBlack Pizza!!! 😈🍕🖤 • • • #Repost @khaata_rahe_mera_dil (@get_repost) ・・・ Cause in life you must always #DareToTry ! Let out those wicked intentions with the #WickedBlack Pizzas from @pizzahut_india Available in 6 variants - I tried out The Veggie Supreme & Soya Paneer & found them to be refreshing change from their classic Pan Pizzas ☺️ #PizzaHutIndia #DareToTry #WickedBlack #Repost #PizzaHutIndia

Posted On: 29 Jun 2019 8:39 PM


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