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Happy Bhai dooj from all of us here at Pizza Hut! Just in case you want to be nice to your sibling today, treat th…

Posted on : 29 Oct 2019

Pizza Hut presents, the all-new Handcrafted pizza made with our signature San Francisco style dough and a lot of lo…

Posted on : 26 Oct 2019
Tag a friend who is on a losing streak and make them feel better. TastiestPizzasAt99 https TUWtwnATcE

Tag a friend who is on a losing streak and make them feel better. #TastiestPizzasAt99 #TastiestPizzasAt99

Posted on : 22 Oct 2019

Here’s hoping that the festivities never end! #PizzaHutWaliDiwali khaata_rahe_mera_dil doing it right! ♥🍕✨ Share yo… #PizzaHutWaliDiwali

Posted on : 28 Oct 2019
No kidding TastiestPizzasAt99 https 7A1i4ITPj9

No kidding! #TastiestPizzasAt99 #TastiestPizzasAt99

Posted on : 25 Oct 2019

Presenting the All-New Handcrafted Pizzas Made With Our Signature San Francisco Style Dough. This Hand Stretched Ba…

Posted on : 21 Oct 2019

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy and pollution free Diwali ✨🍕 Make this Diwali a crispy one with the all-new Han…

Posted on : 27 Oct 2019
Yaaaaaas POPxoDaily, that s how you throw a Diwali party. PizzaHutWaliDiwali https A7RJCaBmUW

Yaaaaaas @POPxoDaily, that's how you throw a Diwali party. #PizzaHutWaliDiwali #PizzaHutWaliDiwali

Posted on : 24 Oct 2019
How about a date with yourself this Sunday evening TastiestPizzasAt99 https ihmkENuNQM

How about a date with yourself this Sunday evening? #TastiestPizzasAt99 #TastiestPizzasAt99

Posted on : 20 Oct 2019


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