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Friend: Let’s get some pizza Me: I’m busy Friend: Pizza Hut’s got our favourite pizzas @ ₹99 Me:…

Posted on : 25 Nov 2019

Prep yourself for this historic day, people. Cheer for Team India with the tastiest pizzas around, starting at just…

Posted on : 22 Nov 2019

Only one thing can get them more happy! You know it, now go and get it! Happy #InternationalMensDay… #InternationalMensDay

Posted on : 19 Nov 2019
Tag a friend whos got this unique talent CelebrateYourUniqueTalentDay PizzaHutJavenge TastiestPizzasAt99 https t

Tag a friend who’s got this unique talent! #CelebrateYourUniqueTalentDay #PizzaHutJavenge #TastiestPizzasAt99 #CelebrateYourUniqueTalentDay #PizzaHutJavenge #TastiestPizzasAt99

Posted on : 24 Nov 2019

Haters will say this is fake! #gonnatellmykids @Bhuvan_Bam #JustKidding #HatersGonnaHate #MichaelJackson… #gonnatellmykids #JustKidding #HatersGonnaHate #MichaelJackson

Posted on : 21 Nov 2019

Because everyone loves pizza! Click the link below if you love pizza too. Link:

Posted on : 18 Nov 2019

When #kanishkpriyadarshi met @Bhuvan_Bam feat. the tastiest pizzas 🍕😍 at a pizza party like no other!… #kanishkpriyadarshi

Posted on : 23 Nov 2019
DONT YOU DARE TastiestPizzasAt99 PizzaHutJavenge https vXmKI6N28T

DON’T YOU DARE! #TastiestPizzasAt99 #PizzaHutJavenge #TastiestPizzasAt99 #PizzaHutJavenge

Posted on : 21 Nov 2019

#ContestAlert How’d you like a year’s worth supply of the tastiest pizzas? That’s right! Now that the pizza anthem… #ContestAlert

Posted on : 17 Nov 2019


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